Bohemian Bisoux Vintage giveaway!! 3 chances to win!

Bohemian Bisoux Vintage  Giveaway!
3 chances to win:
First winner $75 
Second winner$50 
Third winner $25 

Check out my favorite items in her shop now:

Vintage 1940s Dress - 40s Cocktail Dress - The Gemma

Vintage Ballerina Pin - Gold Dancer Brooch - The Danielle & Daniella

Vintage Strapless Cocktail Dress - 80s does 50s Holiday Dress - The Anna

Vintage 1960s Fascinator - Green Veiled Hat - The Henrietta

Vintage 1950s Coat - 50s Pink Clutch Coat - The Dahlia

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Entries are closed on Tues. 13th of Dec. 
Two winners will be announced  Fri.16th of Dec.